CoronaVirus Update - Should I wear a hygienic mask

2020-03-19 10:12:18.776939

No, healthy people should not wear hygiene masks (surgical masks) in public. If you are in good health, they do not protect you effectively from infection with respiratory viruses (i.e. they do not provide self-protection). Wearing a mask can therefore give you a false sense of security. Excluded from this recommendation: If you have a respiratory condition: A hygiene mask can prevent a sick person from infecting others. This means you should wear one if you cannot keep at least two metres away from other people (for example at home, at a doctorís practice or pharmacy or in public transport to and from a visit to the doctor). If you have to wear a mask at work, e.g. healthcare personnel or care workers looking after people in poor health. Be aware: If you see someone with a hygiene mask it does not mean that they have the new coronavirus. There are various reasons for wearing a mask. Remain friendly towards people wearing a hygiene mask. -Dr. Fred Mavisi, Chief Knowledge officer, Afya Plan

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