Why is it important to follow rules on hygiene and social distancing?

2020-03-25 18:07:26.969835

We are dealing with a new virus against which humans have not yet developed immunity. That is why so many people are being infected and developing the disease, and why the spread of the new coronavirus must be delayed as far as possible. In particular those at high risk of becoming seriously ill must be protected. These include people over the age of 65, and those with underlying health conditions (high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, cancer) and those with diseases or receiving treatments that weaken the immune system. If we follow all of the rules, we can reduce the risk of exposing these people to the infection. That way we can also ensure that our health system is able to continue to provide good treatment to those who are seriously ill. -Dr. Fred Mavisi, Chief Knowledge officer, Afya Plan | Ref, WHO.Int.

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