What to do if you become ill?

2020-04-07 10:00:38.612517

If you experience fever, cough, difficulty breathing, malaise, fatigue, muscle aches or loss of taste or smell stay home and contact a healthcare provider for guidance—do not go to a healthcare facility prior to calling your doctor or a hospital emergency room for instructions. - Contact MOH kenya on 719 or *719# for further direction to a facility near you. - If symptoms are mild, stay home, Isolate and monitor progress. - Avoid contact with others to limit spread. - Cover your cough/sneeze with a tissue or sleeve, not your hands. - Wash your hands with soap and water after coughing, sneezing, and blowing your nose. - Face Masks are recommended for people with symptoms of respiratory infection to minimize the risk of spread of infection. ~ Dr. Fred Mavis, Chief Knowledge Officer, Afya Plan | Ref. WHO.Int, MOH_Kenya

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