How to remove gloves and a mask

2020-04-16 11:49:35.000000

1. Start with the gloves, if you are wearing them. With a gloved hand, grasp the palm area of your other gloved hand just above the cuff and peel off the glove, turning it inside out.
2. Holding the removed glove tightly in your gloved fist (do not let it hang down), slide the fingers of your ungloved hand under the remaining glove is cuff and peel that glove off so that it is also inside out. The first glove you removed should be inside the second.
3. Place both gloves into a closed trash bin. (Disposable gloves are not meant to be reused, but if you absolutely must, you can wash them with soap and water, let them dry, then turn them inside out to use them once more. Just be sure there are no rips or tears.)
4. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or, if that is not possible, apply hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
5. If you are wearing glasses, take them off. 6. If you are wearing a mask with ear loops, tilt your head forward, grasp the mask by the loops, and remove them from your ears. If you are wearing a mask with ties or elastic bands, tilt your head forward and grasp the mask by the ties or bands, removing the bottom ones before the top.
7. Machine wash and dry the mask, if possible, or hand wash the mask with soap and water and leave it in the sun to dry.
8. Repeat step four.
9. Put your glasses back on.

~ Dr. Fred Mavis, Chief Knowledge Officer, Afya Plan. | Ref. WHO.Int , MOH_Kenya

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